Talent is the most fundamental source of power for enterprise development, and the most valuable resource for enterprise. Weihua New Materials adheres to the concept of people-oriented, takes strengthening the construction of talent capacity as the core, takes optimizing the structure of talent team as the main line, and vigorously implements the strategy of talents strengthening the enterprise.

At the same time of continuously introducing external talents, the Company also actively introduces outstanding college graduates, and builds a talent base for the Company’s sustainable development. Through various trainings, we try to tap the potential of employees, cultivate excellent talents, improve the level of talents, and optimize the talent structure, so as to achieve the goal of "give full scope to the talents, make full use of the talents, and let the talents display all their value".

The Company endeavors to provide employees with a good working environment, competitive salary, fair competition platform and broad career development space, as well as actively create an atmosphere of self-motivation and self-improvement, stimulate employees' sense of career and responsibility, and realize the common growth of employees and the Company.

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